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What is proxy server?

A server that is located between a client application, such as a web browser
(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and a real server. It sends all requests (web page, file,..) to the real server.

Why use proxy?

Using a proxy server has many advantages:
  • hide IP address for anonymous and security
  • cache a content of the sites (speeding up surfing)
  • by pass firewall
  • access to the restricted web sites or online services
  • compress data
  • filter content
  • access to Internet from local network

Socks5 top proxies

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NAddressTypeAnonymitySpeedChecked (ago)Count timeCountry
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla
details »
SOCKS5elite1600 msec15:51:4013-Mar-18 (07:04) Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alberta, Calgary
details »
SOCKS5elite700 msec15:10:2513-Mar-18 (07:45) Canada
Florida, Floral City
details »
SOCKS5elite100 msec05:06:5613-Mar-18 (17:49) United States
Kansas, Baldwin City
details »
SOCKS5elite400 msec05:05:1913-Mar-18 (17:50) United States
North Carolina, Mebane
details »
SOCKS5elite100 msec04:57:5213-Mar-18 (17:58) United States
Missouri, Jefferson City
details »
SOCKS5elite200 msec04:57:0313-Mar-18 (17:59) United States
North Carolina, Elkin
details »
SOCKS5elite100 msec04:53:0513-Mar-18 (18:02) United States
Zhejiang, Hangzhou
details »
SOCKS5elite200 msec04:50:3013-Mar-18 (18:05)
Indiana, Warsaw
details »
SOCKS5elite200 msec04:41:2713-Mar-18 (18:14) United States
T'ai-pei, Taipei
details »
SOCKS5elite200 msec04:18:0313-Mar-18 (18:38) Taiwan
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